Nokia Bandit – 6 inch Windows Phone Coming Soon

Nokia Bandit - 6 inch Windows Phone Coming Soon

Smartphones are receiving more bigger now Nokia is about to make the Windows Phone experience into bigger screen.  Sources speaking with The Verge declare that Nokia is implementing a smartphone codenamed "Bandit" that features a 6-inch 1080p display and quad-core Snapdragon processor. And with regards using this type of, rumors began circulating any particular one of Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 8 updates, generally known as GDR3, would bring support for screen sizes 5 inches or over. Update also declared GDR3, includes rotation lock, a Driving Mode option, and some minor UI changes.

Bandit will likely be equipped with a rear camera which is at least 20-megapixels, thin and lightweight, and incorporates a polycarbonate body. We all know that Nokia Lumia 1020 claims because best Windows Phone featuring its awesome camera technology, however with Microsoft’s update, Windows Phone can now support 1080p screen resolution. This would be the extra edge for Bandit to create its own title.

Phablets are getting more popular, we’ve seen Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. That’s additionally a 6 incher smartphone, but I bet that Bandit will be much better than this.

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