Newly Grad Software Engineer? Google Needs You


A great opportunity for newly grad software engineers. Google Inc., posted work opening recently. They are looking for Software Engineers to participate its team on Mountain View, California. As part of the application, applicants should be enrolled or have graduated on any University here on South East Asia.

Google said, that this candidates will be a member of a “small and versatile team” that may test, deploy, and gaze after the company’s software systems.

Why from South East Asia? Google needs ideas from other areas of computer science, including information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, and gui design.

I know this sort of job is what every IT wants. You will be working with great peoples inside same field. Learning from other ITs and Engineers who are around you and getting paid by Google. Its just an inch far from that after clicking that apply button. See if you might be qualified below.

Minimum Qualifications:

BA/BS in Computer Science (In lieu of degree, 4 years relevant work experience).

1 year relevant work experience, including experience with UNIX/Linux or Windows environments, distributed systems, machine learning, information retrieval and TCP/IP.

Excellent coding skill in C, C++, Java or Python.

Preferred Qualifications:

MS or PhD degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline.

Experience in network programming and/or developing or designing large software systems.


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