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Minimum Theme is in reality a template that was first published by StudioPress and created for the WordPress blogging platform. It was then converted for Blogger by Chandeep J from Blogtipsntricks. The template comes with lots of features like an opt-in Subscribe form, a customizable Social Profile, a threaded commenting system, plus much more, though the ones I love best about the design is that it is both responsive and SEO-friendly, this means it is not only adaptable to your screen resolution or window size but it loads faster at the same time.

You’ll have a blast personalizing this template to fit your stylistic preferences as it is sold with highly customizable features for example the home page layout, the About Me widget, heading tags (h1 to h6), tables, forms and buttons. For the basic features, it simply has 2 navigation menus plus a page navigation widget.

Again, what I like relating to this theme is its simple design and fast loading time, but when I were to point out anything that I think may be its flaws, it’d must be the social buttons because practically I find them also big but their padding also takes up way too much space. If you look at it from a 17-inch laptop, the only thing you’ll see is top menu, the 4 social buttons, and the headlines with the first two articles.

You will get more info as well as the download link right here.

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