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Author: Morten Rand-Hendriksen Subject: Developer, Web, CMS, Blogs, Web Design, Web Development Software: WordPress 3.x Level: Beginner | Duration: 1h 24m | Released date: Jul 22, 2013 Homepage:

Learn how you can set up a food blog using WordPress and work with two different themes along with a plugin to generate the blog as well as recipes stand out. Morten Rand-Hendriksen, author from the Start using a Theme series, focuses on how to get working quickly with these two free themes (Gallery and Truly Minimal) and the way to add recipes the smart way with all the ReciPress plugin. First, Morten offers advice on running a successful food blog and highlights interesting examples of food blogs "in the wild." Then find out the best way to use the themes for their fullest and get a custom look without needing to write or comprehend the code behind it. And finally, add the ReciPress plugin to express your recipes using the world.
Topics include:

  • What are WordPress themes?

  • Installing and activating a layout

  • Using post formats for better visibility

  • Exploring the theme choices for Gallery and Truly Minimal

  • Adding recipes with ReciPress

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  • Introduction

    • Welcome

    • What you need to understand before starting this product

  • 1. Setting Up WordPress for Food Blogging

    • Food blogs within the wild

    • Understanding what a theme is and exactly how it works

    • Tips on food blogging

  • 2. Using Gallery

    • Installing and activating Gallery

    • Basic theme customization

    • Using post formats for better visibility

    • Things to keep in mind when using Gallery

  • 3. Using TrulyMinimal

    • Installing and activating TrulyMinimal

    • Resizing thumbnails and featured images having a plugin

    • TrulyMinimal theme settings

    • TrulyMinimal Advertising settings

    • TrulyMinimal custom widgets

    • Things to make note of when using TrulyMinimal

  • 4. Using ReciPress to Add Recipes

    • Installing the ReciPress plugin

    • Configuring ReciPress options

    • Configuring ReciPress taxonomies

    • Creating a brand new recipe

  • Conclusion

    • Food blogging and beyond!

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Title Post: Lynda – Start with a Theme: Food Blogs in WordPress
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