Lynda – Brooke Shaden’s Conceptual Photography: Start to Finish



Author: Brooke Shaden Subject: Photography, Start to Finish, Masking + Compositing, Portraits, Documentaries Level: Advanced | Duration: 17m 41s | Released date: Aug 02, 2013 Homepage:

Some photographers are driven to capture the entire world as it is; Brooke Shaden really wants to capture the entire world as it isn't. Her work-exhibited in galleries nationwide-is inspired by empty rooms and open vistas, which she fills with otherworldly imagery, pieced together in Adobe Photoshop. In this episode of Start to Finish, Brooke shows us how she creates her painterly, painstakingly crafted images, beginning with the very first proof-of-concept sketch. We follow her on location as she styles and poses her model, explains how she introduces props, and shoots exactly the few frames she needs to fulfill her concept. She then composites the look in Photoshop, reconstructing the area in which the look was shot, adding the model, and layering in creative color and texture. Along the way, she discusses developing the custom texture library and characteristic color profile that are presently important hallmarks of her work. [sws_yellow_box box_size="600"]

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Title Post: Lynda – Brooke Shaden’s Conceptual Photography: Start to Finish
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