Is Your WordPress Site Really Designed for SEO Success?

- The Internet is not always a friendly place, especially to those who are looking to build a successful online business or blog. When you start your WordPress site, one thing that you may find to become an immediate obstacle is search engine optimisation or SEO. It's not as easy as including several keywords in content.
- In fact, with recent changes to the most popular google search (Google), you will need to go above and beyond anything from the past to be truly successful.
Search engines are extremely important, and when you don't consider your rankings, you happen to be basically hobbling your website. If you want being successful, you will want to set up your website for google search success.

Understanding a WordPress Page

- What many people don't understand is their WordPress page isn’t similar to a regular website. It is static, like standard pages, but it's also designed with CMS. In other words, with a standard page, your website is built with an HTML document. Think of it as being a picture that's posted on the Internet. With WordPress, your website is still technically static, yet it's also fluid in lots of ways through posts and other functions. 

Understanding Categories and Tags

-To make your website successful, you have to know how to properly use categories and tags. They are different; and just how you use them actually does matter. Here are some basics:

  • You should just have a few categories: no more than 10. They are all-encompassing topics your posts will likely be split into. 

  • Tags tend to be specific. Think of them as branches off a substantial tree trunk, and they also allow users to get each of the posts they have to read.

- A few tips for properly using categories and tags include:

  • Never leave anything uncategorized. 

  • Index categories, however, not tags.

  • Don't include tags generally menu. 

  • Categories needs to be easily findable in main menus and sidebars. 

  • Categories should stay the same, however you can make up new tags as you go. 

Pagination Is Important.

- Often referred to as subpages, these are smaller pages which come up within main menu headlines. For example, a website may have five main pages with ten subpages. It all depends upon your actual site and the information you need to feature, but pagination is vital. Your website needs being fully developed for success in the search engine optimization world.

- In today's world, search engines like google check everything, and that means your website needs being ready. You should select from proper Premium Wordpress Templates, understand how to market WordPress specifically, understand categories and tags, then use pagination properly.

This is Guest Post by Anny Solway. She is a passionate writer at ThemeFuse - a leader in the WordPress Premium Themes area. She would rather discover new ideas about affiliate marketing, social websites and blogging.

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