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I am some of those people that commenced using Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver for a HTML editor. Of course which is old school now nevertheless it did teach me HTML link basics, that you just still need within this modern no coding world.

Why Do You Need HTML Link Basics?

  • You could possibly be an internet user that simply wants to share one of the links with someone.

  • You could possibly be a new web master and link building is a skill you will require.

On the rare occasion, sharing a web link to another site could involve a tiny bit of HTML. Most of the time it can be as simple as copying a url and pasting it somewhere, nevertheless it is not invariably that simple. If you are needed to use HTML (hyper text markup language) to leave a hyperlink then the following tutorial may help.

If you might be a webmaster, you'll indeed encounter many occasions where you will want to use HTML to form a valid link.

How to Form a HTML link?

If you're browsing on the internet, a web link to another website will seem like simple text, possibly blue, possibly underlined. In fact there is absolutely no standard just for this and a website can choose it’s own link decoration.

html link basics

Here can be a standard hyperlink to my home page.

This is what you see, but in the HTML area of this website it appears like this:

Here is really a <a href=“”>standard hyperlink to my home page</a>.

The writing relating to the >< is termed the anchor text. I have another awesome tutorial about creating anchortext links if you're a new website builder.

The <a href= is required to form a web link. And then this link is positioned in “” which has a > by the end. To finish the link code you need the </a>. This area is highlighted yellow inside the above example.

No Anchor Text Link

A link with no anchor-text would just be a stragiht url to the web page like

But again within the HTML it would look like this:

<a href=””></a>

Free PDF showing how you can create a HTML link.

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