How to Tell if Your Android Phone Was Infected

androidmalware-thumbThe potential for getting infected on Android has been taken seriously ever since malware started appearing on Google Play. The market is flooded daily with different malicious applications, for the reason that Google doesn’t regulate its ever-growing market sufficiently. This isn’t exactly good news for you, because your phone may behave strangely eventually due to an app. I got a wake-up call recently when my phone was almost infected as being a website automatically downloaded an app with it. For this reason, I decided it’s an excellent a day every to talk about tips on how to tell if you’re infected, and what to do to prevent it from happening.

1: Your Calls Act Funny

If you’re calling someone and also the conversation suddenly stops, try calling another number. Maybe the issue is on the other end. Call a land line. If you still get dropped calls occasionally, you’re probably infected by malware (unless you’re calling from your tunnel). Malware has a tendency to interfere with calls if it uses your cellular antenna. Sometimes, it even records what you’re saying around the phone. This is a massive breach of privacy that needs to be stopped immediately.

2: You Get a Few (or Many) Surprises in Your Bill


The day you get your phone bill, absorb it. If you see a spike in SMS activity or data usage that shouldn’t be there, an app is most likely sending messages or relaying data without your knowledge. Some of them send messages just once in a while, making it difficult to distinguish. Ask people on your own contacts list whether they’ve seen strange messages within you. If you’re lucky, some individuals might actually reply to the SMS sent by the malware, demonstrating that something is sending messages on your own behalf without your knowledge. Android might even show the content in the conversation window.

3: The Phone has Enormous Amounts of Lag

Just like viruses in Windows, malware in Android might cause significant drops in performance for the platform you’re using. You’ll either discover the phone nearly unusable within the most extreme cases, or you’ll have difficulty switching from an app to your home screen as smoothly as you’re used to. This kind of performance drop knowledge either by the rogue application acting weirdly or malware exploiting your phone’s processing power heavily.

How to Stop and Prevent Malware on Android

First of all, you have to have a competent antivirus app installed on your own phone. I’d recommend Avast! or Lookout. This will help you will get rid of whatever malware you could have right now. To prevent any infections, take these precautions:

  • When taking a look at an app on Google Play, confirm the reviews. If you’re lucky, a number of people will come out and point out that it’s malware. How many people downloaded the app? If it’s not popular enough for about 1,000 reviews, you’re taking a higher risk.

  • If the app is completely new and has few downloads, have the benefit of the doubt only when the developer has other apps which may have decent reviews. You can see this by clicking the developer’s name. An example of its location is depicted below.


  • Go to “Settings -> All Settings -> Security -> Device Administration” and be sure that the checkbox next to “Unknown sources” is empty. I know I mentioned earlier that Google is experiencing difficulty regulating a unique booming market sufficiently, but some administration surpasses none. Also, this prevents applications such as the one that was automatically downloaded onto my phone by some malicious site from running. Since it was downloaded from a mysterious source, Android stops it rolling around in its tracks before it even gets to lay a finger in my phone’s resouces.

Got Any More Tips?

Let’s hear from you. If you have top tips for fellow readers regarding how to avoid malware, leave a comment below!

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