Hemisphere Aims To Replace Now-Defunct Google Latitude On Android


If you’ve been a consistent user of Google Latitude, you you must have been disappointed when Google thought we would retire it a few weeks back on the 9th of August. While there was clearly the announcement of an replacement in kind of the feature’s integration within Google+, many wanted the same kind of Latitude experience back. No, Google itself isn’t bringing it back any time soon in its old form but as with Google Reader, third-party developers are coming to the rescue with alternatives to keep providing users with the exact same experience, or as close to it as possible, and Hemisphere is one such app that literally brings the Latitude experience returning to Android. Let’s keep an eye on at the app following the jump.

When you launch the app, you’ll be greeted with all the familiar-looking map interface, along with a ‘Me’ bubble representing where you are. Unfortunately, none of your respective friends will show up here automatically, and you’ll ought to add these phones the app yourself. Also, they’ll themselves need to be using the same app, and approve your request to see their location prior to getting to seem them for the map. To add someone, simply tap the very first button (from the left) inside the top bar.

Hemisphere for Android 1 Hemisphere for Android 2

Here, you are able to tap the ‘Add some friends!’ button to start adding other users. Simply enter their email address and they’ll get combined with the list. With each user, you’ll also see a button that allows you to toggle location sharing with them. This way, it is possible to individually pick which users arrive at see your location.

Hemisphere for Android 3 Hemisphere for Android 4

On the other user’s end, you adding them will automatically start showing your email address inside list, with location sharing disabled by default. All they must do is toggle it on, and you’ll get to view it in your map. Getting returning to the map itself, you are able to switch to the satellite view in the middle icon within the top bar.

Hemisphere is a free app but features ads, which you can remove start by making an in-app purchase. So, if you’re missing Google Latitude and desire the experience back, go on and grab Hemisphere from Play Store through link provided below. Also, don’t let us know of your experience and then leave a comment below on if it feels like a sufficient enough option to the service or otherwise.

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