Helping your Pupils to Think for Themselves

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Helping your Pupils to Think for Themselves

Helping your Pupils to Think for Themselves
English | 72 pages | | ISBN-10: 0415447305 PDF | 3.64 MB

Possibly the most important challenge teachers face inside the classroom gets their pupils to consentrate for themselves. When children learn to consider independently, they're able to take control of their unique learning. What's more, they become efficient at dealing with the countless problems that life will in the end throw their way - not only proficient at solving these issues, but at picking out the kind of thinking strategies that will aid solve them.

Helping your pupils to consentrate for themselves defines the various types of thinking (critical, creative, reflective) and discusses in detail the most crucial type of thinking for student progress - metacognition, which invoves self-assessment, active decision making and personal goal setting tips. Focusing on how to select and use a particular form of thinking or strategy for a certain purpose, this book shows teachers how to do a audit of the pupils' thinking skills and identify their pupils' thinking preferences and dispositions, to foster a thinking culture inside their classrooms and make certain that all their pupils become skilled and independent thinkers.

This book suggests ways to organise the classroom, provides teaching strategies and pupil activities and provide notes on assessment and record-keeping. It is complemented by a few pages of proformas, which is often copied or amended for use in the classroom.

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Title Post: Helping your Pupils to Think for Themselves
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