Get A Customizable Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen Clone On Android

When I bought my first Android smartphone, I was fairly stunned at the level of customization it offered. After all, customization is one kind of Android’s biggest advantages over competitors like iOS and Windows Phone. There’s extremely little area in the OS that can’t be modified according to your liking. One area that you can easily personalize could be the lockscreen. Although Android (Jelly Bean, in particular) comes full of an amazing stock lockscreen, there are several lockscreen replacement apps that will add more value to this part of the OS. Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen is one such effort that, because the name implies, was designed to bring the Ubuntu Touch lockscreen to your phone. Crafted by XDA Senior Member Rotary Heart, it’s an easy, elegant and fast custom lockscreen done Ubuntu style that displays message and call notifications inside the ring inside center, and allows you to control music playback.

The app is still in early beta, so it’s wonder that the developer continues to be ironing out some bugs. It’s still not available on the Play Store, but you can download and install its APK file in the XDA-Developers forum. Just make sure installation from ‘Unknown Sources’ is enabled in Settings.

On launch, Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen presents a settings screen to help you to customize a couple of aspects with the app. For instance, it lets you toggle lock timer and fullscreen mode under Layout Settings. You can also specify default launcher and music applications to use when pressing Home key or controlling media playback respectively. The settings screen also enables you to toggle the playback controls, foreground activity, and also notifications for SMS and speak to apps.

Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen Settings 1 Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen Settings 2

Another area you will find interesting is Animation Settings, which allows you to easily enable or disable, along with toggle the rotation animation in the notification circle in the center in the lockscreen. You can also change the color how the circle changes to when a new notification arrives, change its animation time and choose between None, Fast and Slow settings for animation of media controls.

Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen Settings 3 Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen Settings 4

Speaking from the lockscreen itself, I will let the screenshots below do the talking. To unlock towards the homescreen, simply swipe in from your right edge from the screen. Media controls automatically show up when you tap anywhere around the screen.

Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen 1 Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen 2 Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen 3

As I said earlier, Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen remains far from finished possesses various bugs. Here are a couple of that I noticed during testing: the default lockscreen is observed over Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen, which may be annoying because you have to unlock your phone twice. Secondly, Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen also appears under Recent Apps, and that makes it possible to eliminate the app. We’re hoping the developer will fix these problems in future releases.

Update: The app has become available about the Play Store. We’ve updated the download link.

Install Ubuntu Lockscreen from Play Store

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