Ferris Offers Smart, Location-Based Video Sharing From Your iPhone


Most smartphone users shoot more photos than videos but recently, the buzz has started to shift. With Vine and Instagram Video getting released, video sharing has gained considerable popularity. Both these services, however, can be a bit limited. Of course, you receive filters and lots of other features with Instagram, in case you want to share longer videos, the service isn’t a vast amount of use. This is why many internet sites specializing in video sharing such as Keek have sprouted. Ferris might not come off as too different from other video sharing services, but this app has more to offer than what you know already. Ferris isn't merely a social network; it intelligently arranges your entire videos into a timeline, which may be previewed when you actually begin streaming one. The app also offers a map that lets users view public videos from different parts of the world.

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Ferris is a online community, so you need to create a merchant account with the service prior to getting down to business. The app features a follow system of the company's own, so it will be better should you start by finding your friends who are already on Ferris, though there's also the possibility of just following other interesting accounts. The main feed of Ferris displays posts from the team behind the app, people you might be following, and videos that are currently popular around the network.

Ferris doesn’t show individual videos on its main page; instead, it bundles multiple videos together based on their location, period of posting and tags. To preview videos collection, simply swipe horizontally across the screen. To personalize the feed, hit the center of the top bar and judge the ‘Explore’ option. Through Explore, users can search for videos, read through different categories and examine the Ferris map that displays all the videos shared from a location of one's interest.

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To notice a complete video, just tap the preview once. Ferris videos can’t be any longer than two minutes (that's significantly more than Vine or even Instagram’s limits), and must use a tag related to them. If you would like, you'll be able to leave a comment on any post, or combine it with your favorites. The name of the video’s owner is displayed at the very best of the screen, permitting you to make your approach to their profile and begin following them.

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Ferris features a pretty good method of shooting and sharing videos. The app doesn’t force its users to post videos to their network just after shooting them; you are able to choose to maintain your video in the gallery for as long as you want, trim it and after that share. The Ferris camera is fairly simple, and doesn’t feature any options that aren’t there within the stock Camera app. Once you are done shooting, a location can be added to the post thanks to its Foursquare integration.

Ferris is a free app, along with the only improvement we can recommend will be the addition of some additional editing options, and perhaps a few visual filters. Even in its current state though, the app is quite decent, and can come in handy if you would like to show off a lot of videos from a single event. Ferris is optimized for iPhone/iPod touch, and can be downloaded from your following link.

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