Embed Facebook Posts in Blog Posts


As you can embed Twitter tweets in any web page like blogger blog, now you can also embed your Facebook posts in blogs or any other web page.

Well, Facebook introduced Embed Posts feature to make status sharing easier and faster.

As you are able to check below is often a Facebook post embedded from PcTricksBlog's Facebook page.

How to Embed Facebook Post in Blog Posts

Its very simple, You just need to possess the post's unique URL. Here are the steps to embed Facebook posts in websites.

  • Copy the unique post URL from your post's timestamp.

  • Now head to Facebook's developers section at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/embedded-posts/ where Embed Posts tool is available for manually generating Embed code.

  • Scroll to Configurator and Enter your Facebook Post's unique URL in the specified text box.

  • Click on Get Code.

From here, you will definately get an HTML code. Use that code anywhere on your own blog post to embed your Facebook Posts.

You can embed Facebook Posts to any type of web page.

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