Easily Transfer Files From PC to PC With Any Send


anysend_teaserIt’s not all that long since we took a peek at a free tool called AnySend you can use to send large files to folks without the need to use email attachments. Now we’re planning to show you another tool that has almost the identical name but works in a very slightly different way. This time, this focus is on transferring files from PC to PC which can be connected to exactly the same network.

Any Send (this time featuring an all-important space inside the name!) is a superb little tool which make it easy to transfer files between computers over the WiFi connection, and it’s available for Windows, OS X and Android (an iOS version is promised for some time in the near future).

Things have become similar in the PC and Mac versions in the app, as well as the purposes of this short article we’re going to focus on Windows and Android - transferring between devices running a similar OS, and in addition between platforms.

Start by going to the AnySend website, scroll as a result of the bottom of the page and click on the Windows logo as well as the “Windows” button. Save the zip file to your folder of your choosing and then extract the contents.


In the folder, you’ll find setup files for your 32- and 64-bit versions in the app, so ensure you work with the right choice according towards the version of Windows you've installed.

Run over the installer. There’s nothing unusual here, however, you will need to install Bonjour alongside the app itself. Once the installation is complete, launch this program.


As Any Send requires access on the internet, you’ll see that a Windows Security Alert arises asking whether the app must be allowed network access. The software is safe, so click “Allow access”.


You’ll then be greeted by way of a brief tutorial that you just are free to work through or skip while you see fit. It’s smart to play over the tutorial as whenever you reach the end you’ll not simply have a better thought of how this program works, however you can also choose to have it run at system startup - you can change this setting later also, so don’t worry should you miss it.

Now you will have to install the app on another computer which is connected to exactly the same network since your first one. Run through the same installation process again. Once you are ready to go, it’s a great time to look at some preferences.

Right click the system tray icon for your program and pick the “Preferences” option.


You may decide that you don’t desire to change many, or any, from the settings here, nevertheless, you can make your pc easier to identify about the network by assigning it a meaningful name. If you haven’t done this already, you also can opt to have the program start automatically with Windows, and select whether or not sound be played.

The procedure for actually copying files in one computer to a new is very simple. Select the file you would like to deliver and copy it for the clipboard by pressing “Ctrl + c” (or right click and select “Copy”). Click the Any Send icon and then select the computer you would like to deliver to - that’s all there is to it!


You can readily access any files which might be sent in using this method by clicking small folder icon inside Any Send popup menu - this can take you directly towards the transfer folder

While Any Send is great for sending files between computers, additionally it is great for transferring files between your personal machine and phone or tablet. The Android version of Any Send readily available for download from Google Play totally free.


The mobile app works in much the identical way since the desktop version, and once you've got it installed, you will see that your phone or tablet appears in the list of available devices.

When you want to send a file from a Android to your personal computer, everything is done inside reverse order. Launch the app and find the computer you would like for you to. You can then pick from a number of available apps and use this list to choose the data or files you would like to transfer.


This is an easy app, but it is an excellent alternative to fiddling with cables or using sync software to advance files in one place to a new.

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