Clinical Education in the Health Professions: An Educator's Guide

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Clinical Education within the Health Professions: An Educator's Guide

Clinical Education within the Health Professions: An Educator's Guide
English | 304 pages | ISBN-10: 0729539008 | PDF | 4.38 MB

Clinical settings are dynamic educational spaces that present both opportunities and barriers to learning and teaching. Designed to inform, challenge and educate physicians about the evidence underpinning clinical education practices and outcomes, this multi-disciplinary book includes important concepts in healthcare education and addresses context and operations of learning, professional identity and socialisation, feedback and assessment, ethics, and inter-professional education.

The authors encourage teaching and learning practices determined by research findings, expertise and innovation, and the development of individual teaching methods and designs from a theoretical base that provides relevant principles, direction and support. With clear links between theory, research and employ, collaboration from the broad range of clinical disciplines, and models for learning and teaching grounded in empirical research, Clinical Education inside Health Professions can become a standard reference for all health professionals and educators.

examines patterns of practice in clinical education within the health professions, by using a qualitative research focus
identifies the roles of university and clinical educators, students, peers and patients in clinical education
highlights implicit tensions in clinical education practice and presents ways of identify and address such tensions
challenges people to consider new strategies to clinical education that will optimise students' learning and enculturation in the health professions
Despite claims that clinical education lies the hub of medical care education, little empirical researchers have explored what constitutes effectiveness in clinical teaching and learning. This book draws about the research, ideas and expertise of researchers who have observed and researched different facets of clinical education. Their reports have spanned clinical education topics including professional identity and socialisation, assessment and feedback, pedagogical methods, clinical reasoning, coping with ambiguity, dealing with diversity and interprofessional education. This book has been designed to synthesise empirical clinical education research and ideas about the context, value, processes and link between clinical education. Each chapter presents an analysis based element of clinical education as a platform where knowledge and future research in clinical education can take place. The authors entice the various readers to reconceptualise issues with their own teaching and learning practices depending on research findings, expertise and innovation.

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Title Post: Clinical Education in the Health Professions: An Educator's Guide
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