Boombot Rex – Small Ultraportable Speaker Packs A Punch

Boombotix developed a ultraportable speaker called Boombot Rex which enables users to adopt along and share music wherever they are going. It was a successful Kickstarter project that went $100k over its initial goal.

Boombox Rex

Boombot Rex is created with a ruggedized high-impact ABS shell that gives it the safety required for a life on the go. It’s small for a speaker although not exactly sufficiently small to fit in your pocket. It does however have a sturdy clip that you should clip it onto a bag strap.

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Design & Features

The rubbery feel from the Rex with the edges of the hexagonal body produces an easy grip. The device measures in at 85 mm x 80 mm and is also 54 mm thick and weighs about 180 g.

Here, it is possible to clearly start to see the two 36 mm drivers behind the front grill. The bass woofer is hidden within your body; it's a 2.1 speaker system.

Boombot Rex

Above the clip at the back in the device are 3 buttons plus a toggle change to switch the device on or off.

Of the three buttons, two are for volume control while a third has multiple functions including playing, pausing, skipping to the next track (double tap), initiating Siri on iOS (hold down) and even answer calls using its built-in noise-cancelling microphone.


Under the clip, you’ll find 3 jacks: the first is to enable charging in the Rex via micro-USB, the other, a line in and also the third, a line out. The line in lets you use the speaker with a device without Bluetooth. The line out enables you to plug multiple Rex speakers in a daisy chain or another speakers simultaneously.



Setup can be carried out by pairing increase device’s Bluetooth settings towards the Rex, or connecting while using provided line in cable.

We tested our Rex on an Android device, where it worked without flaw. On iOS, it even shows a battery indicator (next on the iPhone’s battery indicator) and has Siri integration.


The full-color LED shows colors many different meanings: a blinking blue shows that it’s ready to pair, a good blue means pairing is productive. Green indicates charging (120 minutes), while red suggests that there is below 10% battery left. The device will automatically shut itself off after a couple of minutes of non-activity.

LED Indicator

Sound Quality

The speakers are tuned to have a bit more treble than bass which we believe makes it better for instrumental or acoustic tunes because they genres aren't ‘flooded’ which has a heavy bass. However, for such a small and protable device, there’s lots of bass for everyone.


As expected, the audio quality using the road in is slightly much better than just via Bluetooth, but it’s only noticeable when played at the maximum volume.

The 2.1 speaker system really packs a punch. At its loudest, it is usually heard from 30 ft or maybe more indoors, which can be almost as far because the Bluetooth range (25-40ft) of the speaker.

Boombot Rex

The Rex boasts certified IP53 water-resistance that enables you to use it throughout a light rain or snow; just don’t submerge it underwater. It’s obtainable in a variety of colors as well as a few customized styles which are limited edition.


What’s In The Box?

Users be given a micro-USB charging cable, a 1-meter male-to-male 3.5 mm jack cable, a somewhat shorter male-to-male 3.5 mm jack retractable cable, a Boombotix sticker along with a simple user guide.


What’s Hot

  • Lasts 6 hours on one charge.

  • Long Bluetooth range with high quality music playback.

  • Sturdy rubberized exterior with light snow and water proof.

  • Line set for devices without Bluetooth.

  • Line in the market to daisy chain multiple Rex’s or any other speakers.

  • Better iOS support with battery indicator and Siri integration.

What’s Not

  • Not submersible in water.

  • Arctic White Rex easily attracts dirt due to rubberized surface.

The Boombot Rex can be acquired on the Boombotix online shop for $119, or $129 for the limited edition designs. The Rex comes using a one-year warranty.

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