Are Your Link-Building Efforts Doing Their Job?

wrist-lock-gripAs link builders, we very often forget a key benefit to link building. With content links being one of many conduits to get link juice for your site, SEOs are cranking out articles and linkbait. But the goal of link-building should be two-fold; increasing page ranking is only 50 % of the picture.

What could be the Point of Link-Building if Not Higher Page Rank?

Don’t misunderstand: increasing your page rank is very much a spot of link-building. It’s not the only point. In addition to this, your link-building efforts should be driving traffic to your site.

You’d believe was pretty obvious, right? But if you are carrying out a substantial amount of linking you won’t be able to find a relevant site for each and every. Most times you’ll ought to slip the keyword within your byline or random example in the article. This technique is fine as long as you have scoured the ends with the Internet first to find a suitable and fruitful home for your link.

Why Should You Find a Fruitful Home for a Link?

Yes, it's very good for your site to keep a page ranking of one. Yes, it’s sure to increase your traffic by some amount. However, let’s point out that someone who is inside the early stages of developing a purchase is looking to get information about the product. They aren’t yet ready to buy; they need to be aware of the options prior to making a decision.

There your site is, immediately on page considered one of Google. But, the meta description says nothing more than “buy now.” Users won’t select your link because they don’t accept is as true will offer the solid information they must make a decision. They’ll trust it’s just destined to be a web site.

But in case you have planted your links in appropriate venues, when that possible client goes seeking reviews, how-to articles, along with other articles to assist them know what to buy they will view your link. This will state that not only can be your product one as a result of ranking but in addition because many people are talking about it.

So How Do You Achieve a Balance?

Go to the gold first. Try to find relevant sites that relate in your product. Send an item to reviewers for free in exchange for the review on their own site. This way you're going to get a link along with a fruitful home. Write articles that relate for your industry and will include the link inside the byline.

Ask a number of higher ups within the company to be experts of the field. Send their bios and provide an interview to industry magazines which might be online.

If you can’t discover a fruitful home, try and make one. In articles tailor it to that particular company you might be linking to. For example, a B2B marketing article can have a case study about construction equipment.

It’s a tricky, challenging task to become sure. For many businesses, the top idea is always to hire a pr professional with experience in link-building and web writing.

BIO: Alicia Lawrence is often a content coordinator for WebpageFX. In her spare time, she writes to get a variety of health insurance and communication sites including her blog MarCom Land. Find Alicia on Google+.

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