Apply Tints & Effects To Your iPhone Wallpaper With Sodium

Anyone who likes to keep things fresh by using an iPhone by frequently changing the lock screen background will appreciate the plethora of wallpaper apps on iOS. Not satisfied with those? You can always download any picture online and use it since the wallpaper of one's device. There are plenty of photo editors that will help you make ordinary photos look extraordinary, but suppose there was a way of making your wallpapers special without needing to do any work on them. In the past, we view Cydia tweaks like WAlpha that act on the wallpaper as opposed to the photo being used because the background. Sodium is very similar, though an amazingly large number of features. The tweak allows you to apply a tint with a particular blend mode towards the wallpaper, change its alpha value, and toggle Grayscale and Negative image effects.

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As you would expect, Sodium operates completely from the stock Settings app. To get started, set the wallpaper you need to edit on both the Home and lock screens. The next step is to head for the Sodium menu and tinker while using values listed there. The first option enables you to change the alpha valuation on the wallpaper by using a slider. If you want to make the wallpaper as bright mainly because it originally was anytime, just toggle the ‘Set Alpha’ button off.

If about to catch in the mood to do too much manual work, Sodium incorporates two one-tap options. You can make wallpaper grayscale, or use its negative, while using two toggles sold at the bottom end with the menu. The tweak provides extensive more potential than that though. You can fill the photo using a translucent layer from a color you need. The app provides the choice of many colors, and how this colored layer blends with all the actual photo could be chosen through the user at the same time. After making any changes in Sodium settings, the tweak uses a respring, which is why it comes using a button for your purpose at the end with the menu.

Sodium fetches for 99 cents, and may be found in the BigBoss repo in the jailbreak store. The tweak is priced perfect in our opinion, as it can give you result-oriented wallpapers without the problem of actually finding and downloading photos from the web. Your phone’s memory also doesn’t take a hit, since created wallpapers aren’t stored anywhere, as well as the changes are certainly not visible anywhere except on screen background.

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