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“Which antivirus?” the age old question! But somehow the answer beats whenever. New software and updated versions are freed frequently so that it is even harder to find the right product. The threat of all kinds of infectious programs (virus, trojan, worm, spyware, and adware) somehow clinging on to your device when you are surfing on the web could be the nightmare of every user. Those of us that have lived which has a virus-infected computer realize that there are few pains which can be felt as acutely as experiencing a bug-ridden PC that would rather think before it reaches work. In order to aid answering the riddle of “which antivirus”, I am enlisting the Top 7 out there. I will be focusing more about the free software since these are the preferred selection of most home users using a brief writeup on top professional antivirus programs ultimately.

Antivirus software are evaluated on three grounds generally, a chance to detect security threats, power to block them and tendency to label normal files as viruses (detecting ‘false positives’). Here are some in the good Antivirus programs that are widely used today:

Avira1. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Antivirus is one with the frequently used software in PCs currently.

Pros: According to most reviews it ranks among (2nd in accordance with AV comparatives) the most notable antivirus programs in detection of latest viruses, fifth among least false positive detection rates, and top in efficiency of removing security threats. Avira is accessible without cost for non-commercial use only, it needs to be bought for commercial use and predictably, it keeps encouraging PC users to upgrade to full paid-version.

Cons: Avira isn’t the most effective at speed of scanning. It is also not too efficient at detecting rookits (malware built to that dominate administrative control in Windows and cause antivirus programs and other essential processes to malfunction).

avast antivirus software2. Avast! Antivirus

Avast has not been on the market providing Avira may be but they have progressed pretty rapidly and easily ranks among the very best software available today.

Pros: It is ranked among second best in false positive detection, gets advanced plus rating in file detection (as outlined by AV comparatives Oct 2012) and top ratings in malware removal. Some laurels rolling around in its hat include boot-time scan which will detect viruses before they've had the chance to get activated, it may also test files by putting them in a ‘sandbox’ where it monitors new files to find out how they behave and therefore detects first-time viruses, pretty cool, huh? It also automatically rates the protection of websites by reputation.

Cons: Avast! is additionally the program that I use personally and possesses never given me any difficulty so far. However I find its repetitive vocal promise of ‘Avast database may be updated’ somewhat annoying, however, you can turn it off from Settings. Boot-time scanning is of premium utility but may lead to long boot-times or hang-ups in computers with old hardware, but lets deal with it, we have been lucky to experience a boot-time scan anyway.

Visit the Avast Comparison Page

img233. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Free Antivirus isn't doing too well inside the independent comparisons but has still succeeded in maintaining a slot in Top 5 free antivirus programs.

Pros: Its file detection ranks 10th based on AV Comparatives Oct 2012, ranks poorly in false positive tests, however it is quite efficient at removing and blocking threats. It has a separate rootkit scan utility. Its malware detection and removal is very efficient, comparable to that of Malwarebyte AntiMalware Free. It also offers protection against exploits (small programs which are designed to cause unwanted changes in a computer, usually acquired through fishy web sites) which isn't a usual feature in free Antivirus programs.

Cons: On the downside AVG isn't very good at Phishing-site detection, programs that make an effort to acquire your own information like charge card details through scams, since it claims and not as efficient at blocking malware because it is at removing them.

img244. Panda Cloud Antivirus Free

As the name indicates it is just a cloud-based program meaning its main almost all storage and functioning is online.

Pros: Panda Cloud only functions fully if the system is associated with web nevertheless since all viruses today are brought to your computer from the Worldwide Web, this isn’t a drawback. Good thing about Panda cloud is always that since its mainstay of execution is online in order that it takes little or no space in your hard drive as well as on the processor while running (which may be a significant problem with top ranging antivirus programs within the past). It has a lot of backup support available on the internet which can be employed to disinfect the machine as well as up-to-date virus definitions. According to AV-comparatives it ranks 3rd in virus detection and is also moderately efficient in differentiating between false-positives.

Cons: On the other hand, it isn't good at picking new phishing sites. It uses a large amount of backup support from internet thus the cleanup process could become very slow with a slow connection to the internet.

Microsoft security essentials5. Microsoft Security Essentials

It will be the official antivirus given by Microsoft, can be obtained for free but must be downloaded and installed, doesn’t come enclosed with Windows.

Pros: It is lightweight, straight-forward and enough to be used by non-techie people who use computers. AV-Comparatives ranks it 13th one of many tested antivirus programs as much as file detection rates are concerned however its false positive differentiation is great, hardly marks any uninfected file as being a culprit.

Cons: What is not too good about Microsoft Security Essentials is its pretty slow speed of system scan and cleanup. It may be option to keep an uninfected system safe although not one’s top pick to scrub an infected system.

macafee6. McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012

Once a best selling program to protect your system, it's got now fallen from favor for assorted reasons. Has no free version, weighs down on system’s resources and speed excessive, and doesn’t do too well on independent tests of detection and removal. Still it does a decent job of being an antivirus and is frequently portion of many systems.

Norton antivirus

Norton Antivirus 2012

Considered to become one with the best security suites that money can buy, intriguing and attractive interface, effective in both detecting and blocking suspicious files, has many other features like parental-lock etc, however it is not free.

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