Add a Smart Home Screen Shortcut in Android with Methodic

methodic_teaserSpace is one area we could all do with a tad bit more of, and also this is certainly true of screen real-estate. There are various techniques that can be used to squeeze more icons onto the homescreen of the Android phone or tablet including using folders and shrinking the size of on-screen items. Methodic will give you another option - it adds a good Home screen shortcuts that change the whole day.

This might sound a bit odd in the first place, but consider it for a moment. If you consider the method that you use your phone the whole day, you most likely find that you wind up using roughly the same selection of apps at pretty much the same time of day. You might look at the emails and Facebook when you first get up, browse the news over breakfast and then listen to music on the way to work.


Rather than the need to place plenty of shortcuts on the Homescreen, Methodic can make sure that the shortcuts you will need are at hand when you may need them. The tool analyzes how we use your Android tool and, most importantly, when you use particular apps.

Grab your copy with the app from Google Play and obtain it installed. In fact it's not an app, but a widget, so as soon as the installation is complete, tap and hold a clear section from the homescreen and select to add a brand new widget.


There are three varieties of Methodic widget to choose from which will display one, 2 or 3 shortcuts. If you choose to display an individual icon, it's also possible to choose to have a very Methodic icon displayed, but this is not required.

add a smart homescreen shortcut with methodic widget

Initially, there is absolutely no configuration to complete whatsoever - and you also might even will feel that there is little point to using Methodic. But you will need to supply the app time for it to learn how your make use of your Android device and to start record the changing times of day you usually use particular apps.
As time passes, you will notice that the icons displayed within the widget change during the day. The longer you use the app, the more accurate you need to find it becomes using its suggestions. You can check its amount of precision by tapping the Methodic shortcut on the homescreen.


It could well be the case that you have various background apps that keep being created in your set of Methodic shortcuts. These are not necessarily apps which you have manually launched, so it's possible that you don’t want them to appear in the widget.

To prevent particular apps from being displayed, go to the configuration screen and tap Add/remove items. Tick the boxes beside any app that ought to be excluded, and they'll be ignored in the future.


You also can opt to have direct dial shortcuts included inside the widget. This is helpful if you often call exactly the same person at a similar time every day as it saves the need to scroll via your address book.

Methodic can also be great should you have ever wondered about how precisely apps are used throughout the day. Head to the Calendar section in the configuration screen so you can go to a breakdown of exactly when individual apps are already launched on different days in the week.


Methodic is a superb example of a near-perfect productivity tool. It may not do much, but just what it does do is completed very well - you must find that or else only helps save space in your homescreen, but also helps save time as you will will no longer have to hunt for the shortcuts you may need.

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