50 Funny & Creative Error 404 Pages


If an individual sees a regular, plain error 404 page, there is a chance that she / he won’t loaf around long enough to find out what else your internet site can offer. The Error 404 page is like a little hidden world that you simply often hope nobody will see. But if someone does, you should ensure that it’s amazing!

The ideal custom 404 page works and creative. It will surely encourage your prospective customers to look further into your website instead of going elsewhere, helping these potential customers return to relevant content. One more choice is to make a blunder 404 page your little playground and artistic space, where one can implement any your outstanding ideas.

I’ve handpicked 70 really funny and creative error 404 pages on your inspiration! Remember to click to the pages and look for some of the added animation inside the error pages. But first, you might like to check out many of these posts:

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1. The Many Faces of

2. Daniel Karcher

3. dario esteban brozzi

4. Audiko

5. The Movie Nerd

6. I Love Icons

7. Molome

8. Kikk Festival

9. Week done

10. Centresource

11. Jackrabbit

12. Twurn

13. OBJ + ADJ

14. Vasa Museet

15. Agens

16. MedicalMissions

17. Good Dog Design

18. Bluegg

19. Specialized

20. Carnation Group

21. William Csete

22. The Wall

23. Iamtiago

24. Pizza Milano

25. Pulp Fingers

26. H-ART

27. Habrahabr

28. Henrik Hedegaard

29. We are anonymous

30. Bored Panda

31. A List Apart

32. iStockPhoto

33. Red Bilby

34. distilled

35. ff0000

36. Focus Lab

37. ideapaint

38. Stickermule

39. Dribbble

40. Ines Maria Gamler

41. Humaan

42. Blogalization

43. Okostroy

44. Fastcentrik

45. The Fontain

46. Netico

47. TUTS Plus

48. Atlassian

49. Shamballa Jewels

50. DotSilo

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