Why to Use Animated Banner Ads


When looking at online banner advertisements, you'll find static banner advertising and animated banner ads. While both have benefits and drawbacks over the other, i think, for those who have options I’d rather you chose the animated your ad.

Some with the winning arguments in support of using animated banner ad campaigns are as follows:

They Are Attention Grabbers

When you open a web page and locate the content you are interested in then your peripheral vision senses some movement, it's likely you'll pause your reading and look for what the movement is all about.
Animated banner advertising attract a person's eye of almost every user who opens the publisher web site it’s positioned on. Most banner creators have options for varying the speed of the animation and that means you should adjust it to favor the objective market you would like to attract.

They Can Send More Than One Message

Static banners usually pass only one or two messages otherwise they might look too cluttered and confusing. Animated banners on the other hand can send multiple messages because one single small space.
For instance, you need to use different frames to inform clients about a new product in one, a reduction offer next frame, and prompt all of them with a call to action over the following frame. With most banner creators, it is possible to put all these messages together to get viewed by your target market in short successive frames lasting only some seconds.

Animations Make Lasting Impressions

Using an animation in your advertising may get people speaking about it and sharing it, and therefore creating greater awareness to your products and any promotions you may be running. Additionally, even if the viewer might not exactly immediately click on the advertising, they are more likely to recall the animations in your ad despite they have switched off their computer.
Animations in a your banner are more memorable along with their details tend to be vivid than others of static banners.

Animations Increase Click Through Rates

Animation in a banner ad makes the viewer curious and this leads the viewer to clicking on the banner. Whether the clicks generate leads and turn conversions or otherwise, the fact remains that you are more likely to get higher click through rates (CTR) having an animated banner rather than a static banner advertisement.

Animations Decrease Costs and Space Usage

As mentioned earlier, one your banner can be used to convey multiple messages. This negates the need for posting a variety of static ads with assorted messages and thus reduces advertising costs. This mostly applies where the advertiser pays in accordance with the space occupied through the banner.

Animations Lead To Decreased Load Times

Some animation formats including Flash and GIF produce images which might be much smaller than JPEG files widely used for creating static banners. The smaller data size means the web page loads faster compared to a web page with static ads.

There so many advantages of using animated banners over static banner ad campaigns. They make a lengthier lasting impression and are more attractive to internet surfers.

The article has been written by Nahid. So far he has written countless articles on the internet marketing niche like How to Select best Web Host.

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