Lynda – Up and Running with Backbone.js


Author: Joseph LeBlanc
Subject: Developer, Web, Web Design, Web Development
Software: Backbone.js
Level: Beginner | Duration: 1h 33m | Released date: Apr 12, 2013

Backbone helps you separate DOM manipulation from your data powering your web application. In this course, discover ways to use Backbone models and collections to manage your data, while displaying it through views. Author Joseph LeBlanc helps guide you to use events to alter an application’s state and prevent messy nested callback functions. He explores modifying resources on the server side via models that reflect the alterations in your application, tune your application’s performance, and keep the JavaScript environment clear of excessive global variables. He also covers supplementary tools determined by Backbone that provide additional functionality.

Topics include:

  • What is Backbone.js?

  • Starting a node server

  • Building routes

  • Creating views

  • Reusing views and building view templates

  • Defining models

  • Loading remote data

  • Organizing collections

  • Adding and removing models

  • Saving and deleting data

  • Bootstrapping data

  • Finding Backbone resources

  • Introduction

    • Welcome

    • What you have to know

    • Using the exercise files

  • 1. Configuring a New Backbone Project

    • Why Backbone?

    • Downloading Backbone and dependencies

    • Starting a Node server

    • Assembling application boilerplates

    • Building routes


    • Creating a view

    • Templating views

    • Reusing views

    • Generating list views

    • Challenge: Linking routes to views

    • Solution: Linking routes to views

  • 3. Models

    • Defining models

    • Listening to models

    • Loading remote data

    • Challenge: Displaying updated data

    • Solution: Displaying updated data

  • 4. Collections

    • Organizing collections

    • Rendering collection data

    • Sorting collection models

    • Getting models from collections

    • Adding and removing models

    • Challenge: Selecting items for the next collection

    • Solution: Selecting items for another collection

  • 5. Server-Side Integration

    • Understanding Representational State Transfer (REST)

    • Repurposing forms

    • Saving data

    • Deleting data

  • 6. Performance Tuning

    • Compiling templates

    • Bootstrapping data

  • Conclusion

    • Exploring Backbone-based tools

    • Finding Backbone resources

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