How to Integrate Google Plus Comments to WordPress

google-plus-comments-thumbIf you have been visiting sites hosted about the Blogger platform, you will see that the comment section has become replaced with Google Plus Comment. In WordPress, it is simple to add Facebook comment system, but what if you prefer to use Google Plus comment instead? Here is how you'll be able to integrate Google Plus Comments to WordPress.

Pro and Cons of employing Google+ Comments

The good thing about Google+ Comments is the fact that people have to login for their Google account before they can comment. Real name and photo is going to be displayed rather than some bogus name and image. You will also see lesser spam on your blog.

On the other hand, you could see fewer comments as it's unlikely that most your readers have joined Google+. Also, people might not be willing to get their name and face come in the comments.

1. Google+ Comments For WordPress

In addition to Google Plus comments, this plugin also add Facebook, Disqus and Livefyre comments to the mix so you'll be able to choose which one too to display with your blog.

1. Download and install Google+ Comments for WordPress. If you sort through the WordPress Dashboard, you will see that there are several plugins of the identical name. Make sure you find the one that is manufactured by Brandon Holtsclaw.

2. Once installed and activated, head to “Comments -> G+ Comments”. In this page, there are many things that you can configure. The “Tab Order” is where you are able to add different type of comment systems for a blog. For example, in case you add “gplus,facebook,livefyre,disqus,wordpress“, it'll show Google Plus comments, Facebook comment, LiveFyre, Disqus and WordPress comment inside respective order.


3. The next section is to add your Disqus and LiveFyre username, if you have added them on the list.

4. The last section is to try and configure the name (label) of should be genuine that show up inside the frontend. Once you are done with the settings, click “Save Changes”.

This 's what you will see in the site’s comments section:


2. Google+ Comments

Google+ Comments by Alex Moss is a second useful plugin that you can use. It comes with some useful features, like shortcode and css class, for you to easily integrate and customize Google+ comments with your theme.

Once installed and activated, visit “Settings -> Google+ Comments”. You can enable/disable digging in Google+ javascript file. If you are using another Google Plus related plugin, likelihood is this script has already been added in your theme. Disable it only if you are sure the script has already been inserted into your theme, else the G+ comments won’t work.


Next, you'll be able to configure whether or not the G+ comment can have up in Posts, Pages, or merely the Home page. You can also set the width making it responsive. Lastly, you are able to change the label and put in a CSS class so it is possible to style it within your stylesheet.

At the bottom of the Settings, you have the instruction for you to add shortcode to your theme/post.


3. Google+ PlusOne Comments

There isn't any settings for Google+ PlusOne Comments. Once activated, it will automatically replace your WP comments with Google+ Comments. As simple as that. If you are looking for a simple, no-frills solution that just works, this is the one for you.

4. Google+ Comments Widget

While the category of this plugin stated that it's a widget, it's not a widget. Don’t go towards the Widget section and expect a widget for Google+ Comment. You won’t manage to find it.


Google+ Comments Widget works the same as the above 3 plugins. It retains your old comments and displays them alongside the G+ comment box. One thing though, it will break your design (in the event you choose to support the old comments). Test it first before making it live.


While Google has produced the Google+ comment system intended for Blogger, you can easily integrate into WordPress too. My personal favorite is Google+ Comments by Alex Moss. Feel free to have a look and let us know which you prefer.

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