Can You Make A Living Out Of Ethical Hacking?

ethical hackingBeing labeled a “hacker” usually includes plenty of negative connotations. If you call your hair a hacker, men and women often perceive you as someone who causes mischief exclusively for giggles. But as I described in the following paragraphs explaining the gap between negative and positive hackers, additionally, there are ethical hackers that end up doing similar tasks for good and not evil. But while ethical hackers exist, is it possible to make a living with ethical hacking?

I explored the several steps that will get into an ethical hacking career - preparation, experience, and jobs. It turns out that it’s quite possible, but it’s nearly impossible to find into and takes a great deal of preparation. However, if you stick to it and excel being an ethical hacker, you could create a good career path.

What’s an Ethical Hacker?

ethical hacking
A hacker is a person with computer and/or programming knowledge and skills who uses said assets to destroy into a pc and exploit it. While the stereotypical criminal hackers enter computer systems to cause havoc, ethical hackers attempt to break into systems without causing an excessive amount of damage, and after that reporting for the owner on his or her findings. In other words, ethical hackers find holes that criminal hackers could exploit and lets the owner know about them to be able to fix them before any real damage by way of a criminal hacker is done. Ethical hacking is additionally known as penetration testing, intrusion testing and red teaming.

Becoming an ethical hacker isn’t uncomplicated to accomplish - it requires lots of knowledge, particularly if it comes to laptop or computer security, and plenty of experience to experience a shot in an ethical hacking job. In case I haven’t placed enough focus on it - experience is important, even if you have some type of computer science degree, certificate, or other things that are you may have.

Educational Preparation

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Before you even get towards the experience part, however, it’s still best if you understand how computers work and speak with each other. All of this may be accomplished which has a computer science degree or any other similar courses of learning - even taking a few courses via openly available “OpenCourseWare” from places like MIT are a great thing to do should you cannot afford taking actual college courses. A degree is preferable, but knowledge and also the experience to back it up could be effective at the same time.

Getting Experience

ethical hacking tutorial
Experience could be gained in 2 different ways - freelance jobs and good ol’ messin’ around. Using the Internet is crucial as it has a wealth of free information to assist you learn while you try out something totally new. There are also plenty of resources to think about, like James’ tutorial on how to crack a WEP-protected wireless network, the BackTrack Linux distribution that specializes in penetration testing, and tools including Firesheep or Droidsheep that filter through unprotected wireless traffic. These are just some very basic ways to get started using the whole concept of “hacking”, but you can find far more advanced topics that you would need to learn to acquire a serious grasp products it takes to become an effective ethical hacker.

Please remember that in all your adventures, you need to stay within the law using your activities. This means that you ought to practice techniques yourself equipment, or ask permission from the dog owner before attempting anything. If you turn out doing something that’s illegal, it might forever hurt your reputation in addition for the legal issues, fines, etc.

It’s also beneficial to work your way via a number of different certifications, such as A+ certification, Network+ or CCNA, and Security+ or CISSP or TICSA. Corresponding jobs because you work your way up helps a lot too. Don’t be prepared to go from nothing straight away to ethical hacking.

Getting The Job

So once you have a good educational background along which has a few years of experience, you’re willing to strike it big as a possible ethical hacker. Freelance jobs aren’t just a great way to get experience, however they can also supply you with a decent volume of revenue, that may increase because your reputation among freelance communities increases. The downside to freelance jobs is basically that you don’t use a stable position, so income is never as certain together would like.

Once you’re prepared to get away from freelance jobs, you can begin applying to different tech companies for permanent positions. Remember that you don’t need to apply to the biggest tech companies - you'll find so many smaller ones that will pay you just at the same time. Alternatively, you may also set up a computer system security consultation service in order to be able to work for multiple companies at a time. This could be done and a permanent position, or being a step between freelance work as well as a permanent job.

Certified Ethical Hacker

ethical hacking
In order to legitimize yourself as a great at ethical hacking, you are able to become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) by completing a vendor-neutral certification course. This gives you well-rounded expertise on security topics that you can or might possibly not have covered while you were gaining experience yourself. However, in order to receive the certification, you ought to complete the course or have at the very least two years experience as endorsed by a manager. Receiving a real certification can give you bragging rights, also as more leverage on scoring better jobs or pay raises.


So as you can see, it’s definitely possible to make money by ethical hacking. Although the process to finding to that point definitely isn’t easy (nor is perfect for every computer guy), it may be well worth it in case you’re efficient at it and revel in doing it. Plus, you are able to tell others that you’re doing them a service by keeping them safe online.

Would work in ethical hacking appeal to you? What other cool yet unusual computer jobs do you know about? Let us know within the comments!

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