8 Websites That Offer Something You’ve Never Read Or Seen Every Day


IdeaImagine what a few of the great thinkers throughout history would have been like should they were able to experience the influence with the Internet. I’m sure there could be both good and bad effects, but it’s difficult to come up with a real argument contrary to the fact that this Internet has produced learning much easier for all of us.

There are extremely few questions the Internet can’t answer for you, and that’s one from the many reasons that I find it irresistible. However, not all of us are curious enough to always understand the right things to ask. In this article, let me show you eight fantastic websites that may introduce you to some advice, a photo, an estimate, or another type new and interesting every single day.

If you’ve gone to any dictionary or thesaurus website, you’ve probably seen a version of this!

Word from the Day

Merriam-Webster happens to have one in the best ways of presenting this to you personally, and also a “Did You Know?” just underneath it. All 365 days out in the year, Merriam-Webster picks an appealing and uncommon word and shows its pronunciation and definitions.

Astronomy Picture in the Day is often a really awesome visual provided each day by NASA. All image credits check out NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team.

Astronomy Picture from the Day

The picture is shown being a thumbnail, hyperlinked to a high-resolution version of the image. Below the thumbnail, it has an explanation of just what you’re taking a look at in every new picture that they provide. If you really like these images, Astronomy Picture in the Day provides an archive that you could look through to view hundreds and hundreds more.

This is but one that we could all really benefit from.

SAT Question in the Day

SAT Question with the Day is provided for the official SAT website. A random SAT-style question of your random SAT subject is going to be shown in your case to test out your answer. This is a excellent website to wake up to. Check out SAT Question of the Day prior to getting into your typical workflow. Wake yourself up a lttle bit, get thinking, and perhaps even learn something new.

Like Word from the Day, Quote in the Day is one thing you’re probably familiar with. BrainyQuote will it the best.

Quote with the Day

BrainyQuote’s Quote with the Day offers an image quote, text quote, and after that four other daily quotes in categories: love, art, nature, and funny.

Who aside from National Geographic will be able to present us these beautiful photos?

Picture with the Day

National Geographic’s Picture of the Day gets 1000s of shares on internet sites every day (which is often done with ease, thanks to those buttons over the thumbnail). Below each photograph is an explanation of what you’re seeing:

Cherry blossom is termed sakura in Japanese. It is really a Japanese symbolic flower. There are various sorts of cherry trees, and an especially old cherry tree is termed edo-higan.

Some of these photos are even offered in wallpaper format. On Photo in the Day, you’ll find beautiful scenes of nature, animals, abstracts, and more.

Advice of the Day is provided by The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Advice in the Day

Advice in the Day offers one-liners and philosophical tidbits very often come across as interesting and informational. Advice from the Day can be acquired as an RSS feed, but doesn’t offer any archive or strategy for looking back at night most recent week’s advice.

Reference.com’s Fact of the Day is definitely a great way to learn a random fact and important information about the current day.

Fact with the Day

Along using this type of fact, Fact from the Day provides a list of holidays, events, births, and deaths that occur or have occured for this day. This is probably the most popular overall website of the category, as it supplies a lot of really neat stuff to master. There’s a holiday for every day around the calendar and reading through the daily events can be a history lesson alone.

This Day in History is provided by Fact Monster and is also very similar to the Events part of Fact from the Day.

This Day in History

This Day in History is usually a great read, and you’re guaranteed to learn something new. The formatting makes it simplallows you to read and is appreciated. Facts are separated by year ever sold. You’re capable to add This Day in History to My Yahoo!, Google, Bloglines, and much more. It comes available as a possible RSS feed. You’re also capable to search through past and future dates, which is a really great feature. Saikat covered this excellent website and four more similar ones in 5 Websites To Go Back In Time & Find Out What Happened This Day In History.

Keep track of these eight websites. Bookmark them or enroll in them via your RSS reader, if you possibly could. Work checking through this in your morning routine and you’ll be a better person.

Which of such websites would you enjoy the most? Feel free to allow me to know in the comments section below, or perhaps show off another “of the day” websites.

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