How to fix unbootable Raspberry Pi after rpi-update

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rpi-update is a great utility to get all the latest updates and patches on your Raspberry Pi Debian operating-system. But being a utility which downloads and installs each of the latest, cutting-edge core OS components it may mess things occasionally. A recent bad core-patch made Raspberry Pi unbootable for several, after downloading all the files successfully the RPi will don't boot with all the red LED on and green LED flashing three times telling a problem with boot files.

To fix this Raspberry Pi boot issue, first we must take out the SD card and plug-in to a different computer. Now, edit config.txt file and edit gpu_mem value to 16 (gpu_mem=16) as shown below, this make your RPi bootable.

Fixing Raspberry Pi boot

Fixing Raspberry Pi boot

However, this will still make RPi unbootable should you ever change this value. To permanently fix this issue, copy all files from the SD card residing underneath the /boot directory (FAT partition) to your temp directory - now quick format the SD card boot directory then copy-back the files read earlier. This fixes the FAT filesystem corruption due to some bad patch.

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