The Ultimate Blackjack [DVDrip]

Imagine beating Vegas!
Now you can with the Ultimate Blackjack DVD. This system reveals everything you need to know.
No other DVD offers you:
-43 chapters breaking down the game of blackjack
-approximately 2 hours of detailed analysis of the game
-know when to hit, stay, split and double down
-basic blackjack strategy
-learn running count vs true count
-money management and betting techniques
-basic card counting and advanced card counting techniques
-watch actual games in progress with play by play analysis
-how to choose the right game and increase your winnings
-how to develop a persona to avoid being detected
-captain blackjacks top 10 rules and much, much, more .....
EAN_13: 9316797423788
Release Date: 2004
Distributor: MRA Entertainment
Running Time: 150 mins
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Type: DVDrip, MP4 AVC, 704 x 560, 2082 Kbps, Audio AC-3 2CH, 192 Kbps

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Title Post: The Ultimate Blackjack [DVDrip]
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