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This is a 100% working rapidshare unlimited download trick tutorial for those who are having Dynamic IP. Recently i came accross a website that offers this trick and i manually tested it. All you need to have is Dynamic IP internet connection. Because this trick needs dynamic ip to renew ip status.

Unlike other tricks you do not need to download any softwares or any files. Ans also this rapidshare unlimited download trick will also work for most of the file hosting services such as Hotfile, Megaupload, Megashare, Depositfiles, Fiefactory.

so just follow these simple steps..

Step 1:

Goto http://adout.org/ (It is a free service that removes ads from websites.An Online Tool To See A Website Without Ads)

Step 2:
put the rapidshare URL in the TextBox and click "GO".
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Step 3:
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Then you willbe transfered to the Rapidshare download page. Then click Free User and you your download willbe started with few seconds.
(Normally you can download 2files Maximum as free user). But by using this trick you can download 5 files instantly, Don't worry this not the end of this tutorial. Now we are going to see how to make it work for download unlimited files from rapidshare as a free user..
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Step 4:
After Download 5 files, then you have to clear "cache" and "cookies" of your Web Browser.


simply put the following commands into you Command Prompt(you can go 'command Prompt' by Start -> Run -> cmd.exe)
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

Step 5:
Then "Restart" you Internet Browser. Again goto Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. You can now gain to download files from Rapidshare.com again!! This trick will work for all File hostings do it for all kind of file hosts. That's it hope it will work Perfectly.

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